City Building Video


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Here is the video on our city building project.  The video is a bit long, but I wanted to showcase everyone’s work:


City Building Finale


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End of the year is always crazy and this year was especially busy.  I had hoped to have a weekly update on my student’s city build, but alas, time has eluded me once again.  School has ended and the students accomplished so much.  I am really proud of their builds and their ability to focus and follow my “city plans”.  I am also excited to know that I will get to continue to work with many of them next year in my 8th Grade Advanced Minecraft elective.

When we first started the project, the students were given a choice between a Medieval village or a contemporary city.  The vote was a close one, but they decided to go with the Medieval village.  Our first class was spent choosing a location from the teleport sites I created and all agreed the mountain valley was a perfect choice.  Next, we discussed what type of buildings would be needed (castle, farm, church, etc.) and who would be responsible for each one.   They spent the rest of the class period clearing trees and terrain for the areas they would be building in.  Many had not had experience in building medieval-type structures, so I did some research and brought pictures of buildings that has been done in Minecraft already.  They used the pictures as a guideline to create their structures.  As city planner, I also laid out exactly were I wanted the structures to go and assigned one student to build the roads around the village.

Every now and then in my past classes, I would have students that were really get  hooked on Scratch programming and would go to the effort of working on projects at home as well as at school.  However, I never had the enthusiasm that I had with this class working with Minecraft.  I had several students coming before and after school to work on the project, which never happened before.   Because they put in the extra time, the project really went farther than I thought it would.  One student took the time at home to draw out his design for the barn he wanted to build:


Student Barn Design

How awesome is that!

Coming soon: Machinma Video on Student Built World.

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